Usernames for guys on a dating site

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Usernames for guys on a dating site

But even with that time off I didn’t go on holiday, so nothing to report in that respect :(.Not sure if I mentioned out shit as Summer last year in my old blogs, but let me just say this year our summer was INCREDIBLE. It was so beautiful & hot & sunny that we didn’t get any rain for over a whole month!

See after his accident (which you’ll have to go back & read about in older blogs, cos I’m not re-explaining it) he was bed ridden for many weeks, followed by being stuck inside on the couch in front of the TV for many months following.Like the age old saying goes, you don’t know how good you have it, till it’s gone – or something along those lines.Even though this blog is no longer a priority for me doesn’t mean I don’t care about it.I’m proud of all the postings I’ve put on here & sometimes even come here to reference to something I’ve written in a post but have forgotten about. Sometimes I get guys talking to me about something I’ve talked about in a blog & I have to actually look up the blog to see what the hell they’re talking bout – remember I’ve had the blog for a few years now.It’s surprising how much I’ve talked about, especially from my uneventful life here on the North Island of NZ.Plus the whole thing is about the end of the world, which as you may have noticed is right up my alley. It’s basically about how an asteroid slams into the moon pushing it closer to the earth – which in turn, totally fucks with the earth’s climate & ocean tides – told through the eyes of a 16yo girl.

There are 3 in the series, and she’s written a 4th book which is being published worldwide in September I think. I also started on the Fairwick Chronicles by Carol Goodman.

As you can tell from the minimal activity on here, I don’t really have as much time for this blog anymore.

I’m not saying I’ll never post again – of course I will!

The first book is called Life As We Knew It & is actually semi famous.

I know its fiction for young teens but fuck it, I really enjoyed the series.

Plus with erotic sex thrown in, it’s pretty much perfect.