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“That is not okay,” I said, breaking with my script. I have absolutely no problem leaving.” He looked at me, and then down at the floor, saying nothing. Pulling on the canvas restraints that held my ankles to my wrists, he flipped me over onto my stomach. I knew that if I wanted to, I could kick from behind.

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With nothing in common, they soon find out that they are actually brothers and sisters.See full summary » This is a story of a man and a woman who try to defy the odds and prove to everyone that men and women can be just friends.Sounds simple enough; yet it becomes one of the most complicated journeys of all time for the two friends.the cast is predominately black so reluctancy to like it is expected but the only real flaw is lack of a good cinematographer, id have done it for free.good film with a great cast the story is of a young successful man who wants to get a girl, along with his boys and a childhood ladyfriend (i know what your thinking) he goes on a journey of discovery, finding out what they like and if a change is needed.I knew I could push him off the bed, choke him, and throw a fairly decent punch. If I was going to get him off me, it might mean injuring him.

What would happen to me, a young girl working in an illegal trade, if I hurt this man?

If I fought, he could retaliate and rape again, or worse.

If I fought and ran into the streets, soaked by green beer, I could be followed by civilians seeking to save me from sex-trafficking, or worse, vigilante justice seekers looking to avenge my John for his injuries. New York state laws explicitly exclude prostitution from rape protection laws.

As their friendships develop, confusion unfolds in this country mice meet city mice adventure.

VERNON RICHARDSON and IMANI TOWNSEND meet unexpectedly at a cozy Jazz club, unpretentious, and unaware, they're a match made for heaven on a popular internet dating website. See full summary » a great low budget romantic comedy which is a good watch, anybody saying this movie is awful is jaded, its no Oscar Hollywood movie, its similar in technical ability as most indie films yet the story is endearing, surprising and funny, it even has a beautifully shot love scene.

The first 10 minutes are the worst of the film, with uninspired framing, lazy editing and poor sound but then you get used to its non Hollywood nature and settle in to its scenario.