Online sex chat with peoples withought sighn up

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Online sex chat with peoples withought sighn up

'Dr Jenkins is on a path and it would be fair to allow him to remain on that path.He was a good useful doctor there’s no suggestion of patients care being compromised.

Jenkins then contacted another male and spent the night with him.

General Medical Council (GMC) lawyer Sharon Beatties told the hearing 'Liam' claimed to have met people before on Grindr, which is targeted at ‘gay, bi, curious and queer men’.'Liam said he had a boyfriend in the year above and that he had met a couple of guys on the site,' she said.

'Some minutes later Dr Jenkins sent seven pictures of an indecent nature, in some instances of an obscene nature to Liam who he believed was 13.'They are photographs sent of himself in various states both physical and in states of undress.

' after contacting him on Grindr, the hearing was told.

Jenkins was arrested at his workplace in Wrexham, North Wales, after it transpired the 'boy' was in fact an undercover police officer assigned to track down online paedophiles.

'There’s no evidence in this case to suggest his care of patients was in any way substandard.'He was working as a good and useful junior doctor.

He is on a path of remediation and that’s a path he will be on for some time.After, he took more drugs and used Grindr again, making contact with a 'boy' with the pseudonym Liam.He told 'Liam' he 'wanted to slap him about a bit' and 'spit in his mouth' during sex and urged him to have sex without a condom because it was more natural.'It was sexual activity, in particular penetrative sexual activity.That is, in terms of the public perception, particularly deplorable conduct when committed particularly by a doctor whom the public trust imposes.'This behaviour began on one day and continued on the second.'After this Dr Jenkins asked for pictures of Liam in return but Liam said he didn’t send pictures of himself.'Thereafter Dr Jenkins started asking about how Liam lost his virginity and what he wanted being on the Grindr site.'Liam said he wanted fun and meets. Dr Jenkins said he would be willing to drive but not until he had seen Liam’s face.

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