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Established in 1995, Act Media (Thailand) is a leading in-store advertising specialist for innovative and interactive brand communication.

Our exclusive tie-ups with major retailers in Thailand such as Tops, The Mall Group (Home Fresh Mart and Gourmet Market), Tang Hua Seng and other key modern trade stores in up-country has given us a commanding presence in more than 170 stores throughout Bangkok and nationwide.

Cameras of the Cape Dara Resort hotel let us enjoy the view of the sea and nearby beaches.

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Thai culture received influences mainly from India and China, and is profoundly defined by its national religion - Buddhism - represented by monumental and exquisite Buddhist temples, some of them giant, as Was Muang (92m tall), others outstanding, as Wat Burapha Phiram, a Buddha literally standing (59.2m tall).

The two rivers, Chao Phraya and the Mekong, define Thailand's landscapes and sustain the country’s agriculture of wet rice (the major occupation of the rural population, thus being important for the national economy), providing a network of waterways, essential for the transportation of people and goods across the country.

Thailand, officially designated as the Kingdom of Thailand, is located in Southeast Asia.

This country is mysterious and enchanting to foreigners, especially Westerners, for the combination of its characteristics – the cultural heritage, the warm climate and incredible sunny beaches of “Tropical Thailand”, lively modern urban areas as Bangkok, and mountainous impressive places, such as Chiang Mai province.

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