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Lost girl 4x09 online dating - dating a rape victim

Blair suggests Chuck throw a Saints & Sinners party, and he gives the word to set it up.He suggests she have a tasteful dinner for Anne and the board, and she agrees.

Juliet remarks that the next step is to steal Serena's phone, but Jenny explains that she replaced Serena's SIM card so they can get all her incoming calls and texts but don't have to worry about her thinking she lost her phone.

At The Empire, KC tells Chuck that his Black & White Ball is a bad idea, and the way to drum up business is to let them live the Chuck Bass bad boy image.

Both Blair and Chuck promise that their relationship isn't important and that their success is worth more.

Lily tells her that she'll take it from here, and Jenny leaves to go catch up with Alison at MOMA.

When Lily and Rufus go upstairs, Jenny calls Juliet to tell her everything is in place on her end, and Juliet shares that Vanessa has the boys in place too. Anne mentions that the board is questioning her relationship with Chuck.

At the Waldorf's, Chuck and Blair are getting dressed to restart their day after hooking up.

They express their support for the other's endeavors that day: Chuck getting attention for his hotel and Blair winning Anne Archibald over to be the face of Girls, Inc.Chuck leaves, and Blair tells Dorota to prepare a collection of clothes so she can choose what to wear out with Chuck, then tells her not to think about it and just do it.Outside, Chuck calls the manager of the restaurant to get a reservation; revealing he never had a reservation but lied to get Blair to go with him.Jenny returns to town and joins forces with Juliet and Vanessa to take down Serena.Meanwhile, Blair sets her sights on becoming the new face of Anne Archibald's Foundation for Girls and Chuck needs to build business back up at The Empire, but their relationship might be the only thing standing in the way of success.Dom or Krug, Winston or Cartier, Tory or Stella, eventually even the people with everything have to choose.

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