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So it's nice to see her embracing a more fashionable look. It brings her up to date with her overall look, which is becoming gradually more sophisticated as she settles into her role as mother, wife and full-time royal.That said, it's hard to wear S/S 2017 Mc Queen when your hair is channelling the Hunt Ball, circa 2003. Let's not forget, Kate is 35, an age at which most women really start to come into their own.

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Research published last year in the journal Archives of Surgery found that successfully controlling the symptoms of acid reflux with the drugs actually ‘increased’ the risk of cancer rather than reducing it.

This meant that of the 122 bases of the Mighty Eighth, it was the last to be vacated.

In March 1946 RAF Transport Command moved in at Honington, and the base would become crucial to the Berlin Airlift of 1948-49.

This certainly wouldn't be the first time a busy 30-something mum-of-two has decided life is too short to spend hours styling long hair. Ever since Kate Middleton first caught the Duke of Cambridge's eye at St Andrews in a see-through knitted dress, she's been all about the hair.

Long, dark and shiny, styled into thick, bouncy curls that occasionally – very fleetingly – put one in mind of a well-bred cocker spaniel.

In Kate's case, she's already done a lot of the hard work: married the prince, had two children.

Now it's all about shaping the future for herself and her young family. And busy women don't have time for silly girly, flicky-flicky hair. Quick links on this page Mildenhall goes American 1950 London overspill official 1954 Fighters, bombers, rail cuts 1960 WSWB set up, Gas ends 1964 Flooding and Growth 1968 Pageant of St Edmund 1970 Boby's closes 1972 A45 Bury Bypass opens 1973 Local councils reorganised 1974 London overspill stalls 1979 Winter of Discontent 1980 Nowton Court purchased 1985 Western Way, the Hurricane, and Black Monday 1987 Poll Tax introduced 1990 Council Tax, Manor House 1993 Police Authorities set up 1995 Corn Market dies out 1997 Cattle Market closes 1998 Town Centre Gateways 1999 Millenium Bug?2000 Foot of Page In the aftermath of war many of our buildings looked different as railing had been removed to be melted down "for the war effort".High heels would have been too much; this way she looks stylish but laid-back.If there's one woman alive who has the figure to carry off couture, it's Kate.Polka dots are a classic print that can be worn again and again, so a dress like Kate's is always going to be a sound investment. Lately, though, the duchess has been expanding her style repertoire.