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Donegal census 1901 online dating - turnati vin si dating

The waters of the Atlantic had not yet retreated from the basin of the Swilly, whose estuary at that time extended up almost as far as New Mills – proof of this may be found in those alluvial flat-lands between Oldtown and Port Road.

O'Neill and his men were completely defeated by the Swilly in 1258.

Hundreds of people travel to and from Letterkenny every day for work, whether in the town's many I. companies, the University Hospital, schools and retail outlets.

Letterkenny is around 25 km from Derry across the border in Northern Ireland.

Godfrey O'Donnell succeeded Rory O'Cannon as King of Tír Conaill.

He engaged the Norman lord Maurice Fitz Gerald, 2nd Lord of Offaly, in battle at Credan in the north of what is now County Sligo in 1257 in which both were badly wounded – Fitzgerald immediately fatally so.

The following indicate the distances between Letterkenny and Donegal's other main centres: The modern town of Letterkenny began as a market town at the start of the 17th century, during the Plantation of Ulster.

It may have been established on the site of an earlier Gaelic settlement.

After the deaths of Ruairí Ó Canannain (Rory O'Cannon) and his son Niall Ó Canannain in 1250, the sept declined greatly in power.

Brian Ó Néill (Brian O'Neill) died ten years later in 1260; he had supported an Ó Canannain claimant to Tír Conaill, i.e. However, the O'Cannon Clan remained subserviant to the O'Donnell Clan, the Kings of Tír Chonaill from the early thirteenth century onwards.

The O'Cannons are allegedly descended from Conn of the Hundred Battles and Niall of the Nine Hostages, two of Ireland's most famous Kings.

The O'Cannons have been described as 'Ancient Princes of Tír Connaill' and 'Valiant Chiefs'.

Godfrey (also dying from his wounds) retired to a crannóg in Lough Beag (Gartan Lake).