Didupdatetolocation stop updating location

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However, more often than not, these ideas are interrupted by ‘real’ work and are never returned to.This is why I quite like travelling - the hours spent in airports and on aeroplanes can be some of my most productive.

Practically this would probably be better as a Mac app, but personally I find myself able to prototype more quickly with web technologies.

The server code is written using node, with express providing basic web-server functionality.

The app has one URL, is used by the i OS code to fetch the current state.

Your only route to testing this type of app is to use a physical device.

With location, Xcode does allow you to specify the location via a menu option: This is useful for apps that perform spacial searches, e.g.

The location view uses a Google map, with the Java Script API being used to record and replay paths: Both of these views update the underlying model, with the updated data being sent to the node back-end.

The i OS simulator, which is polling the same node app, picks up these changes. I embarked on this little project out of my own frustration at not being able to develop i OS apps without physical hardware.

The code is all on Git Hub, where you can find the i OS simulation code, and the server that simulates the input data. My blog includes posts on a wide range of topics, including HTML5 / Java Script and data visualisation with D3 and d3fc.

You'll also find a whole host of posts about previous technology interests including i OS, Swift, WPF and Silverlight.

The i OS app polls a localhost address requesting data 10 times a second.

When the data is received it is parsed and the methods described above are used to inject the results.

Within the same category I added the following method: I’ll look at where the simulated location data comes from shortly.

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