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Table 1, below, includes the proper standards for different work situations.Using these standards will almost always secure the correct type of PPE for the exposure but the “authority having jurisdiction,” in NFPA parlance, is required to do due diligence in hazard assessment to assure that workers are not injured by hazards in the workplace.

This is why it is so important for end users to be involved in the standards processes.However many people confuse the NFPA 70E tables as prescriptive when they are actually only prescriptive when the company determines they will use the tables for their hazard and risk assessment.When the company chooses to do arc flash calculations and a risk assessment, many of the prescriptions in NFPA 70E are eliminated.In the market, many companies have issues with NFPA 70E, most of these issues are failure to do a proper .Adding the risk part to the hazard assessment of arc flash calculations eliminates many of the quandaries in NFPA 70E.Until 2000, there were really no standards for “FR” clothing other than the firefighter clothing standards and the old military standards.

In 2000, F1506 (which had been around since 1998) required arc ratings and NFPA 2112 required flash fire ratings..335(a)(1)(v) states, “Employees shall wear protective equipment for the eyes or face wherever there is danger of injury to the eyes or face from electric arcs or flashes or from flying objects resulting from electrical explosion.” This is the law, but NESC has no face protection requirements.standards for flame-resistant clothing (often called FR or FRC, but arc-rated and flash fire rated are becoming more common to reduce confusion) for arc or flash fire. This decrease in fatalities is a good start, but the worker fatality rate still can be improved. workplaces and around the world as companies have implemented OSHA 1910.269, National Electric Safety Code (NESC), and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E Electrical Safety in the Workplace (see chart below).Melting products are still masquerading as “flame resistant” because the market has no standard police and is just catching up with the changes in standards since 2000.

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